A surfer walks along the beach with a surfboard during sunset, with a pier extending into the ocean in the background and seagulls flying nearby.
A vibrant sunset over a pier stretching into the ocean, with waves gently washing ashore under a colorful sky of purple, pink, and yellow hues.
A pier at sunset with silhouetted structures and people, reflected in calm ocean waters, creating a serene and picturesque scene.

    2019 US Open Huntington Beach Surfing Hotels

    .05 Miles from hotel

    Taking place in late July or early August, the US Open of Surfing is the world’s largest surf competition and lifestyle festival. Over a half million people attend the annual event over the course of nine days. First held in 1959, it became known as the United States Surfing Championship in 1964, and was renamed the US Open of Surfing in 1994.